The Trump Documentary Trump Doesn’t Want Anyone To See (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is the man who is sucking all of the oxygen out of the air, this election cycle. Many say that Trump is pulling a prank on the nation, others say that he’s a plant by Democrats, but if you learn anything about Trump and his history, the real Donald Trump is pretty frightening.

The man has long been a bully. Of course, we know that that’s his appeal with the right-wing base, but they may not know the extent at which he’ll step on everyone else to get what he wants and what Trump wants is to get richer and to have his ego stroked. That’s it. He has no aspirations to do good for the nation. Trump wants to do good for Trump.

This documentary, called “Trump the Movie,” made 25 years ago shows exactly how much of a circus clown and “buffoon” Trump is. It shows us how he exaggerates and lies to inflate his own importance, but it warns us against underestimating the man, calling him “dangerous.” It even calls Trump “Lex Luther,” maybe because he even offended the mild-mannered Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

That may be the reason why Trump, 25 years ago, did what Trump does best. He threatened to sue everyone involved with the movie until it was pulled. Now, the filmmakers feel it’s time to finally release it, lawsuits be damned.

Here’s the trailer:

You can watch the entire movie here. It’s worth the hour and 20 minutes.

Featured image via Flickr.

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