The Top 10 States For Gun Deaths — Guess How Many Are Blue With Strict Gun Control Laws (IMAGES)

The ammosexual culture of America will have you believe that unless you live an urban area where gangs of “thugs,” the new Republican N word, are eagerly looking to kill you and each other, that gun violence is non-existent. They keep their weapons handy just in case one of those “thugs” happens to wander into the place they live, protecting ‘Murika with promised vigilante justice.

They will also tell you that stricter gun laws do nothing but prevent law-abiding citizens from owning guns they may need to shoot back at all the criminals who threaten their existence. How laws designed to allow ONLY law-abiding citizens to buy guns is keeping guns from law-abiding citizens is a bit of a conundrum, but the conservatives have it all worked out in their tiny, shallow minds — so, obviously there doesn’t need to be any discussion about it.

In reality, the top ten states for gun violence have some of the easiest gun laws.

Many also have fewer residents in their entire state than many of those dangerous urban areas they love to talk about have in their city. All of the states on the list are controlled by Republican legislatures.

None of them require any kind of permit to purchase or own a gun. Most can be considered predominately rural, with some being downright empty, yet still you’re more likely to end up on a slab with a bullet in you than if you live in Illinois, California or New York.

And the winners sorry, misguided losers are:

10.  Tennessee ~15.4 deaths per 100K residents.

A billboard in Dayton, TN – Wonkette

9. New Mexico ~15.5 deaths per 100K residents.

A man with an assault rifle strolls into the state capital.

8. Oklahoma ~ 16.5 deaths per 100K residents.

You can stroll into the local supermarket carrying any of these in OK – VOA news

7/6 (tie) Montana ~ 16.7 deaths per 100K residents.

I’ll “git,” thanks.

7/6 (tie) Wyoming ~ 16.7 deaths per 100K residents.

They don’t just glorify guns in Wyoming, they glorify being killed by them –

5. Arkansas ~ 16.8 deaths per 100K residents.

She’s keeping the bread safe from tyranny! –

4. Alabama ~ 17.6 deaths per 100K residents.

This guy’s concern is for the Oreos –

3. Mississippi ~ 17.8 deaths per 100K residents.

This just in…You’re an idiot – Mississippi Gun News

2. Louisiana ~ 19.3 deaths per 100K residents

She might prefer a trip to Build-a-Bear. Just sayin’ –

1. Alaska ~ 19.8 deaths per 100K residents

There’s enough of Canada that looks just like Alaska to avoid going there. –

No only do California, New York and Illinois not make this list, they wouldn’t make the list of the top 20 states, either. A whole lot more red states would, however. The myth that guns keep us safe is ludicrous. In Alaska, the death rate is propped up by suicides, which make up an unprecedented 80 percent of fatalities there. Conservatives want to talk mental health, but they don’t want to do anything about it when it’s happening right under their noses.

Enough is enough.

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