The Time Palin Tried To Take Down Elizabeth Warren And Ended Up Tanking Her Own Career (VIDEO)

Remember when Johnny Walnuts McCain cynically thought he could siphon female votes from Obama when he chose the funny talking Avon lady to be his running mate? And then do you remember how this woman gracefully accepted Barack Obama’s win and quietly returned back to being the Governor of Alaska? What I just described is an alt-universe in which attention-seeking, anti-government lunatics don’t exist.

America’s least favorite grifter has had some epic moments of frightening stupidity and willful ignorance. From her eyes flashing lambent when a news reporter ask her to cite a single newspaper she reads, to when she thought drinking diet Dr. Pepper was the ice bucket challenge, she has shown herself to be a complete and utter moron who’s devoid of functioning brain stem.  But her drunken, word salad rebuttal to Elizabeth Warren’s powerful speech regarding the minimum wage really stands out the most.

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To refresh your memory, Elizabeth spoke delivered a most rousing speech in 2014 to a group of activists and liberals at the 2014 Netroots Convention. During her speech, she outlined a blueprint for bold progressive action in the form of Progressive Commandments. This is when Palin delivered a drunken rebuttal.

Watch Sarah Palin’s Most Drunken, Incoherent Rebuttal EVER Below:


Featured image via screen capture

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