The Stunning Hypocrisy Of Trump’s Childcare Plan Will Hurt Your Brain (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is expected to release his childcare plan Tuesday with, and inspired by, his daughter, Ivanka. We already know what it is, and it seems that he stole a page from the Liberal playbook. However, his seemingly decent plan is in complete opposition to what he has actually offered his own employees in his long sordid history as a business owner.

Trumps new plan has conservatives upset, some calling it questionable, and one Conservative blog even called it “the latest cheap joke in the slapstick comedy of 2016.” Needless to say, the GOP isn’t getting behind this plan.

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The Fox News Business hosts seem to think that Trump sounds like Bernie Sanders; something they obviously considered a put-down due to the fact that Trump was displayed beside the outline of his plan in front of a pile of garbage during the segment. However, sounding “like Bernie Sanders” and actually delivering are two very different things.

Screen capture from Youtube

Screen capture from Youtube

The plan includes the ability to deduct the entire average cost of childcare from their taxes, an increase from the $6000 dollars we can now deduct annually. That deduction would be available to those from the bottom of the income scale all the way up to those who earn a quarter of a million dollars a year (or couples earning half a million dollars). It also includes deductions that could be taken by stay at home parents, and guaranteed 6 weeks maternity leave. As well as incentives to get employers to offer child care.

The incredible, glaring hypocrisy is in this simple fact: Trump has not offered any of these reliefs to his own employees. He has done nothing to help them, and the chances that he could ever deliver on a plan that his own party would never support are nearly nil.

According to the Daily Beast:

Multiple current staffers for the Trump Organization did not respond to questions about the child services at the company. But according to New York’s Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), there is no licensed child care facility in Trump Tower, where the Trump Organization is headquartered. A representative from the OCFS told The Daily Beast that even small company day cares would have to be licensed. Anecdotally, there is no evidence of there being one either.

He has, though, bragged that he does. Twice, in fact, he has touted child care programs he has as reasons that it is easy for employers to offer child care to their employees. The programs he has referred to are named “Trump Kids” and “Trumpateers” (gee, that isn’t a narcissistic thing to call them at all) are actually in existence.

The caveat here is that the programs offered by Trump’s golf course and hotel are not for employees but rather perks for the guests and visitors.

How could we possibly trust that this man who has had nothing but hate and fear to offer will suddenly furnish something like this when he hasn’t done so for his own employees even once? He hasn’t got a single day care program for employees that anyone has been able to find evidence for, despite his willingness to cash in on the idea that he does.

Aside from the fact that he has come up with some pretty good lipservice here, there is merit to this plan. However, there is no reason to trust Trump that he could ever, ever push this through with the support that he has. No reason to believe that a man with all the ability to have given relief to hundreds of people, yet chose not to, would do that for millions.

Especially not when we are all very familiar with the kinds of things that he has proposed. This is a red herring, a program that we can not trust would ever be implemented, proposed by a man we could never trust.

It doesn’t matter if you sound like Bernie Sanders, really, when you do not have a shred of the dignity, or trustworthiness to back it up. Trump has proposed a program that his party will never get behind to try to win some voters, a program he could never push through in the kind of Congress he would need to deliver on any of his other promises.

Fox News may have at least nailed the garbage part of this. It appears that this is just a fancy campaign promise offered by an even fancier grifter.

Here is Fox Business News coverage of the plan, complete with negative images of Trump and a Koch-funded foundation’s spokesperson speaking glowingly of it:

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