The Straw That Broke The Elephants Back: The GOP Erupts Into Civil War (TWEETS)

Staunch conservatives have taken to Twitter burning their voter cards and disavowing the GOP. Perhaps for the last time, the Republican Party is purging their roster to fill the ranks of the nebulous “Independent Party.” But, this burgeoning civil war is getting dirty — really, really dirty.

Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, John Kasich is expected to end his run Wednesday evening, and basically, Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee.

Of course, more than half of the country has an unfavorable view of Donald Trump, and that is a bipartisan group. Using the hashtag #NeverTrump, both conservative and liberal groups that are opposed to the Fascist, authoritarian, overprivileged snake oil salesman have weighed in shoring up their promise to protect their country from electing the next Mussolini.

From the #NeverTrump SuperPac:

This tweet garnered request for permission to use it from MSNBC and CBS, plus other news organizations:

Trump fans, however, are ramping up to continue their attempt to destroy the GOP from the inside.

Trump’s new voter strategy, that is simply splitting the opposition to win, requires nothing more than keeping people who know he is a trainwreck for the nation fighting over who is the best other option. The easy mark for them, one that the GOP has spent DECADES inventing rumors, scandals and “-gates” about in preparation for mudslinging: Hillary Clinton, of course.

Liberals need to remember that the destruction of the Democratic Party, should he be able to fan the flames of the other “never” movements, would just be a feather in his cap, and most likely hand him the win.


The GOP no longer has a choice, however, as it is torn apart by the raging civil war that Donald Trump has been fostering since he walked into this election ego first and promised that he didn’t need the GOP, but he’d play by their rules.

He did, too. You see, GOP rules mean fighting dirty, especially when it comes to the rumor mill. According to the co-founder of, David Mikkelson, the GOP is a rumor mill machine, (unlike the Democrats, who don’t seem to play dirty, preferring facts to rumors):

Snopes has been criticized for focusing on rumors about Democrats more than ones about Republicans. He argues that this is a function of the tendencies of the two partisan groups. “Generally, 90 to 95 percent of the political stuff we write about is anti-Democratic, anti-liberal,” he said. Even during the Bush years (45 articles), there weren’t any big rumors. Mikkelson summarizes: “You really have to hunt to find anti-conservative things to debunk.

Riding the wave of ingrained bigotry, hateful distrust of anything unlike themselves and a lowered standard of education thanks to Republicans, Trump has shot to number one and secured the Republican nomination.

Now it is up to the liberals and those #NeverTrump GOPers, (er, perhaps “Independents” is the way to go here?) to stop them: their focus will be on splitting the Democratic vote because they CAN NOT WIN outright, they just don’t have the votes.

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