The Smart One, Huh? Jeb Bush Said He’s ‘Not Sure If Charleston Shooter Motivated By Race’

There have been a great many theories propounded in the wake of the wanton massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Fox News, seemingly never able to take a days off from its hilariously stupid “Christian persecution complex,” were blaming the shootings on a hatred of Christianity and abortions.

But we come to expect this type of dumba*sery from Fox News. However, when a supposedly “moderate” and major Republican Presidential Candidate fails to acknowledge a litany of reports that indicate Dylann Roof, the shooter, was a white supremacist, then you just have to question he universe. Then again, his brother never read the papers so maybe Jeb doesn’t read “the internets.”

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Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that showed Roof’s attack was racially motivated, GOP presidential front-runner Jeb Bush just isn’t sure. Attempting to woo the hateful moral scold vote, Jeb Bush appeared at a Faith and Freedom Coalition summit in Washington earlier today. During the event, he weighed in on the Charleston tragedy by saying he doesn’t “know what was on the mind or the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes.”

“They were praying. They were learning and studying the word of the Lord,” he said. “In times like these, in times of great of national mourning, people of faith, all of us must come together and at least reflect on this and fortify our strength and love of Christ, love of God to be able to continue to go forth.” (Salon)

And he’s supposed to be the smart Bush. With every passing day, he’s making his brother George look like Norman Mailer.

Utterly flabbergasted that Jeb, the least clownish of the 2016 clowns, would equivocate on the racial element,  Huffington Post’s politics reporter Laura Bassett pushed him further:


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Conversely, the “radical” and “unelectable” Bernie Sanders immediately addressed the racism that motivated Roof.

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Bushes seem to make ignoring reasonable evidence an olympic sport.

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