The SCIENTIFIC Debate Polls Were Just Released… And Trump Looks Like An Idiot As Well As A Loser

Donald Trump’s nonsensical post-debate victory lap came to an abrupt halt today after verified, scientific debate polls were finally released. Contrary to the online one conducted by right-wing conspiracy site Drudge Report, an overwhelming number of Americans reported feeling like Trump lost. It wasn’t even close.


In every major credible poll, Donald Trump lost by double digits. And the good news for Clinton doesn’t end there.

Supporting the debate reaction figures, Clinton also saw a 4 point bump in her election polling as well. It’s not hard to see why. A reported 84 million people tuned into the first presidential debate, a record shattering number. What they saw was Clinton make mince meat of an unprepared and ill-tempered Trump. By the 90th minute, viewers had seen Trump painfully defend his birtherism, lie about fat shaming a former Miss Universe winner, lie about the Iraq War, and go off on an insane tangent about how restrained he was being for not bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelity. It was a gross spectacle and American voters seemed to recognize that.

Despite all of that, Trump rushed to declare victory citing hilariously unprofessional “online polls” that allowed users to vote multiple times, use multiple accounts, and were susceptible to other forms of tampering. Making matters worse, Trump supporters on hate site 4chan and Trump’s Reddit channel openly bragged about dogpiling any online poll they could find in order to make it appear as if their candidate won. The only person dumb enough to believe them was Trump himself, who, as of this morning, is still bragging about his online poll numbers.

So Trump’s humiliation tour continues in earnest. The more credible (and scientifically accurate) polls have shown that not only is Trump the clear loser of the first presidential debate, he is also, without a doubt, a moron. In the business, that’s what’s known as killing two birds with one stone.

UPDATE: Even Breitbart’s polling found Clinton won the debate. Ouch.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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