The President, Completely Out Of F*cks To Give, Has Taken To Openly Abusing The Republicans (VIDEO)

President Obama has taken the role of confident, energetic and successful president to a whole new level. In what should be an impossible political environment, this president has managed to work with mainstream Republicans just enough to keep an edge when he needs it.

The recent passage of a clean CR behind him and a debt ceiling issue Americans are tired of hearing about and will again blame the Republicans for coming up, President Obama is poised for even more success when he should be crippled.

With a personable smile as always and a solid punchline to deliver, The President conveyed his disdain for the GOP and the doom and gloom their candidates are spreading. Hate sells; fear is a solid GOP tactic. Can you say 2004?

Seemingly doing his best “Grumpy Cat” impression and with impeccable comedic timing, President Obama delivers a couple of minutes that remind us why we love having him as president.

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Watch President Obama do his best “Grumpy Cat” impression below:

Featured image via screen capture

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