The Palin Brawl Police Audio Footage Breakdown (Audio)

Talking Points Memo has released audio footage recorded by authorities in the aftermath of the event. There is a lot of information so this will be a long post.

Last month there was a birthday party being held at Korey Klingenemeyer’s house. It was a trifecta party that he had thrown together for his two friends Marc and Matthew McKenna. The McKenna twins were both turning 40 and close friends with Todd Palin, husband of the former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. Todd also happened to share his birthday with both the twins. Because they were close Klingenmeyer had agreed to host the party and invite the Palin family because he had never had any problems with Todd Palin in the past.

From what I have pieced together the first police recording came from a neighbor, down the road from Korey Klingenmeyer, who was not involved in the event whatsoever. This neighbor called 911 after witnessing someone getting beaten up in a driveway down the street at the end “by the cul-de-sac.” After he guided them to the place of the altercation by phone he hung up and his involvement in the situation was over.

The earliest recording time stamp after the initial call that I could find was around 11:25 pm and that was from one of the officers audio who was already present at the Klingenmeyer house. From everything pieced together it appears that the party began around 8 pm and that the Palins arrived around 9.

Todd Palin arrived at the party via limo with the entire clan in tow: Sarah, Bristol, Willow, Trig, Track, and even their friend Steve. Apparently quite a bit of drinking was underway and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Around 11 pm the first altercation took place. Steve began talking trash in his inebriated state, according to Matthew McKenna who was one of the few people that seemed to have a coherent statement that was directly involved in all the fighting. Steve’s verbal argument with another man at the party took place near the end of the driveway. He apparently chose the wrong person to mouth off to as another person cold cock decked him from behind.

This is where the stories of various members of the Palin clan seem to step off into the twilight zone.

Todd and Matthew witnessed this from the yard and obviously became very upset. According to Matthew McKenna it was at that same time that four men jumped Todd Palin and Matthew helped to subdue them or chase them off. He stated that Track, the eldest son in the Palin clan, became very upset and tried to help out but was unsuccessful in fending off the continued assault against his brother. From everyone involved it appeared that the instigators of the assault were not members or invited guests of the party, although that is hearsay from a drunken Alaskan crowd.

Track Palin was actually down by the edge of the driveway near the limo the Palins rode in on with his friend Steve, whom Track so kindly described to the police as “.. like a little pussy you know what I’m saying? Like he’s not gonna fight nobody. … Most innocent, basically a gay guy, but he’s not.” Along with Track and his “pussy, gay” friend Steve were both the Palin sisters – Willow and Bristol.

Track’s memory seems to record the entire scenario a bit differently than Matthew’s as he cannot for the life of him recall Steve ever mouthing off to anyone, probably because he’s a “pussy and…basically gay, but not.” This is when Track recalls a father/son team assault and knock out Steve before running off into the woods never to be seen nor heard from again.

At this point the entire situation seems to just fall apart. Bristol Palin claims that an elderly woman then attacked her younger sister, Willow, so the only logical thing for her to do was to wade into the party in defense of her sister’s honor. So off she scuffled to find this gray-haired woman only to find herself face-to-face with her new nemesis, Korey Klingenmeyer, the host of the party.

Bristol’s wild and unsubstantiated statement to the police made Korey out to be quite the villain. According to her Korey began screaming at Bristol, calling her misogynistic names such as slut and whore, and threw her to the ground…all before dragging her across the yard in her “thong dress for all the world to see.”

This statement was substantiated by Sarah Palin as she lodged character assassinations at Klingenmeyer by stating to the police that such actions fell in line with everything she knew of him because “he beat up his girlfriend or his wife in the past or something?…” Unfortunately, Sarah seems to be the lone individual who has any recollection of such an action taking place by Klingenmeyer. Leave it to a politician….

Multiple witnesses at the party actually recall it another way.

According to the vast majority of eyewitness accounts recorded at the party, including friends of Palin, Bristol stormed into the yard extremely inebriated and began yelling at Korey Klingenmeyer. Not receiving the response she wanted Bristol punched him in the face 6 times before Klingenmeyer subdued her and began to walk her down to the edge of the driveway by the limousine. A group of girls, who either wanted to defend the honor of the man who got stuck in the face by Bristol or who just had finally found the opportune excuse to get at Bristol, grabbed her and threw her to the ground dragging her around merrily.

At that point Matthew witnessed the altercation taking place between Bristol and the girls, and he rushed in to break it up. Placing Bristol in a “full nelson” he picked her up and ran her back down the driveway and this is where the violent situation ended and the police arrived.

All in all it appeared that some nefarious individuals showed up to the party without invitation and with the intention of assaulting at least one or more members of the Palin family. It also looks like, in typical Palin fashion, they took the opportunity to try to wreck the character and reputation of anyone that they could find in order to find themselves without blame.

Some of the quotes given to the police and just general conversation recorded by the Palins should leave none scratching their heads at the arrogance and brutal assholery that is the Palin clan.

Here are some of the best excerpts:

“Did you find your necklace? Track, that is such a God thing. See?”

As Sarah asks about Steve “going to the hospital” she quickly gets back on the subject of her son

“Track, that went to Iraq and Afghanistan. Let me see it. I can’t believe you found it. Let me put it in my pocket.”

Track chimed in as well “Iraq. Afghanistan. Everywhere.” Apparently the necklace, lost during the brawl, was an all-important necklace that their good lord could not let pass on to the world of

While the officer inquired about Steve and “where he went” Sarah could think of nothing more than the dear object of affection, the great gift from above, the honorable necklace of the patron saint of dragonslaying.

“He found his necklace. He found his St. George!”

Yes. Yes. Indeed…. At that point a mumbling and seemingly confused Track continues to repeat “Iraq. Afghanistan.” over and over again.  Track then apparently drops the necklace in his drunken stupor as the officer recording the event tells him

“Pick it up before you lose it again. Pick it up, Track.”


In one conversation with authorities Track tries to cover his family name up so as not to garner any publicity for it. He’s strongly rebuked by his father who tells him to quit playing games.

“Track. T-R-Tango, Romeo, Alfa, Charlie, Kilo.”

The phonetic alphabet was pretty easy for this “Iraq and Afghanistan” veteran until it came time to fess up to his last name…

“Papa, Alfa, Lima, India, Mike, Oscar. You know what that means? Like I mean –“

“Palimo?” the officer asked.

“What? No. See he didn’t know what –“

And finally Todd steps in, unfucking his drunk son.

“This is not a time to be joking. It’s Palin.”


And of course the wonderfully entertaining Bristol Palin

“I don’t know who Korey is. Korey pushed me on the ground and took me by my legs and dragged me across the lawn calling me a ‘cunt’ and calling me a ‘slut.’ I don’t know Korey. I don’t know Korey.”

“I don’t want my face in a picture right now. There’s nothing on my face except for beer and makeup.”

Ah, yes! Beer and makeup. Just another fine Palin party.

h/t Talking Points Memo

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