The One Major Reason Trump Won’t Give Up On His Support For White Supremacists

Last week was the week it became official that Donald Trump isn’t even trying to be President of the United States. His horrible responses to the Neo-nazi/KKK/White Supremacist hate rally in Charlottesville, Virginia proves that he’s only concerned with a tiny portion of the United States, and that’s his frightening and adoring base.

While Trump’s approval ratings continue to fall among most Americans, his base is lapping up Trump’s attempts at spurring on racial division.

A GOP strategist working campaigns in red and purple states said that while support for Trump generally declined slightly since Charlottesville, support rose among his base, after a decline last month because of the failure on health care and revelations about the Russia investigation. This strategist said many Trump supporters applaud the president’s continuing desire to shake up Washington, favor his economic priorities and admire his willingness to speak his mind.

Source: Washington Post

Politically, this is stupid.

But he said Trump has nonetheless created a longer-term risk. “What he’s doing that’s harmful is he’s removing people from the persuadable audience, and that’s dangerous,” he said. “He’s taken an event where he could have added 5 percent of people to the persuadable universe and [instead] he’s dumped out 10 percent of them.”

Trump doesn’t care, though. The sycophantic worship is far more important to Trump than any sort of reelection strategy and it’s certainly more important to him than the future of the Republican Party — a party that’s only in office because of gerrymandering, voter suppression and really undemocratic (both small and big “D”) campaign finance laws.

For Trump, appealing to the worst in humanity is that only strategy that works and there is absolutely no sign he’ll be letting up on it anytime soon. In fact, the now ousted Steve Bannon, back at the helm of the white supremacist site Breitbart, is vowing to use his platform to keep Trump focused on his nationalist agenda.

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