The NRA Was Really Into Gun Control Back When African-Americans Wanted Them For Defense

A lot of Americans used to facetiously refer to the NRA as standing for Not Relevant Anymore. But the NRA’s beefed up attitude following the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre and flagrant ownership of Congress, sadly, makes them more relevant than ever. So Americans who favor basic gun control measures might want to now refer to them as nothing but right-wing a-holes.

But even if today’s NRA is now a state sponsor of domestic terrorism and beholden to the Ted Nugents of the world, there once was a time when it didn’t think it was 1776…everyday!  

UCLA law professor, Adam Winkler, explained in a 2011 article for The Atlantic, how the NRA has been in existence since 1871. It was originally created to be an organization that would provide marksmanship programs. History shows that the NRA used to condone and even support gun control initiatives. One of the more notable instances of gun control measures – especially given how much the NRA wants every grandma, toddler and potential terrorist carrying a gun in public – was the NRA’s support of the Mulford Act. The Mulford Act was a direct reaction to the Black Panther Movement’s rise in California and in the 1960s. Essentially restricting citizens from carrying guns in public and creating one of the countries most strict gun control regulations, the Mulford Act was signed into law in 1967 under Ronald Reagan during his period as Governor of California.

The NRA quickly changed its tune, of course,  and soon became your crazy uncle’s club in the 80s. However, that it actually feared “certain” Americans from owning guns for personal protection is really telling. Well, more like hypocritical.

I always say that ammosexuals, hating all forms of government and loving nothing but guns, should go to Somalia. Well, except for the fact that all of the Somalis have all the guns there.

Featured image via the Root

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