The New York Times Defends Its Ridiculously Biased Hillary Coverage By Attacking Clinton Allies

Many decades ago, Republicans and conservatives invented the “liberal media” myth to both discredit accurate reporting on the scummy policies of the GOP and to batter the media into giving them more favorable coverage by downplaying growing Republican extremism. This is an ongoing process that includes Sarah Palin’s catchy “lamestream media” and Trump’s incessant whining that the cable networks aren’t very nice to him.

And it worked like a charm.

In fact, it worked SO well that the media eventually abandoned any and all pretense of accurate journalism and just went with “he said/she said” reporting. Or, as Paul Krugman only partially joked: “If liberals said the Earth was round, while conservatives said it was flat, the news headlines would read “Shape of the planet: both sides have a point.””

At the same time, the “liberal” media decided that Hillary and Bill Clinton were corrupt and had to be taken down. The fact that reporters have been trying to do just this for 25 years with nothing to show for it has been a source of immense frustration and anger. This rabid need to destroy the Clintons culminated in the frenzy over Hillary’s emails that turned out to be a big fat nothingburger, the media’s attacks on the Clinton Foundation that turned into a national embarrassment for the Associated Press and the rabid craziness over Hillary getting pneumonia.

The New York Times has been excoriated over this repeatedly but instead of owning up to its very clear case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, they doubled down and attacked her allies in the media.

With a title like Inside Hillary Clinton’s Outrage Machine, Allies Push the Buttonsone would expect an article bereft of context and that’s exactly what you get.

Jason Horowitz goes after David Brock and his network of liberal organizations that include “his Media Matters for America watchdog website; two pro-Clinton “super PACs,” the opposition research outfit American Bridge and the pro-Clinton fact-checking and reporter-spamming operation Correct the Record; and Shareblue.”

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