The Most Ridiculous Conservative Meme EVER Goes Viral, GOP Sheep Enraged (IMAGE)

You know those memes that show up on your timeline because the friend you had in high school you now wish you never knew is an Obama-hating racist who thinks the solution to all of America’s problems is more guns and fewer Muslims?

They are nothing compared to the absolute stupidity of this humdinger of pure ignorance:

Put aside the obvious fact that whoever made this thing pales in comparison to a fourth-grader when it comes to MSPaint skills.

This bit of buffoonery was recently posted on the Conservative Facebook page Eagle Rising.  The page has more than 200,000 fans, and the meme has been shared almost 20,000 times.

If you visit the post you won’t be able to help busting out in hysterical laughter while reading the comments from the right-wing sheeple who actually buy this crap.

While most would simply chuckle at the pure silliness and move on, I instead choose to skewer the inaccuracies of the idiot who came up with it.  This is conservative logic at its finest, and the Republican base of bigots and brow-beating boneheads are going nuts for the message it sends.

That message?  We will lie about what liberals and the Democratic Party stand for and spread misinformation that only the most uneducated asshats will share and use as their reasons for voting for the corporate puppets of the Republican Party.

The “New” Democratic Party Platform under Barrack (yes, we know, his middle name is the same as that guy from Iraq) Obama.

  • God is out, Allah is in.

Apparently nobody has explained to these jackwagons that “Allah” means God and that Muslims trace their origins to Ishmael, son of Abraham.

They also don’t seem to get that liberals don’t care what religion you are, as long as you keep it the f*ck out of our government.

  • Israel is out, Palestine is in.

Last I checked Israel was still one of our strongest allies.  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep human rights violations in check or recognize the sovereignty of an entire people.

Prime minister Netanyahu isn’t a fan of our President.  He’s befriending Republicans.  This is what’s called politics.  Pretty sure it doesn’t amount to the US leading the next holocaust so Palestinians can prosper.

  • Citizens are out, illegals are in.

Yes, this is true.  You should all therefore pack your bags and move to Russia where you can idolize Vladimir Putin and his impressive shirtless endeavors close-up.

Buh bye.

  • Constitution is out, Sharia is in.

Ah the constitution.  That thing that guarantees our freedom unless you’re a woman, minority or gay.  After picking and choosing which parts of the constitution we should abide by, conservatives take aim at the most dangerous thing that doesn’t exist in America, Sharia Law.

Ummm, you idiots, not twisting the constitution to suit your needs is a Democratic value.  Therefore that very first amendment that assures us that religion has no place in government makes your argument invalid.

Much like your eighth-grade diploma.

  • Business is out, unions are in.

Classic.  While Democrats fight for your rights to a 40-hour work week, health care, paid sick and maternity leave and fair wages for everyone, you parrot things you clearly don’t understand.

Should you desire to work 90 hours for pennies with no benefits you should follow your corporate masters to the child-labor camps they run in Chines factories.  Surely there you will find the peace of mind you desire and that feeling of accomplishment when you’re dead at 50 from over-exertion and a complete lack of work-place safety codes.

  • Civil rights are out, Big Brother is in.

Brilliant.  You must be referring to the shredding of the constitution known as the Patriot Act.  Or perhaps the failed Defense of Marriage Act.  Maybe you don’t like the way the Supreme Court voted to allow states to deny voting rights to minorities.

Or maybe you just believe everything you read, disregarding the fact that the NSA has been under severe scrutiny from the Obama administration and will be subject to “transparency” according to his State of the Union address.

  • Heterosexuals are out, gays are in.

Hmmm….Is it somehow possible that you misunderstand the movement to give equal rights to gay people?  There was thing in the 1960’s called the civil right movement.  While we understand that you’re bigoted freaks who would vote for America to reinstate slavery in a heartbeat given the chance, perhaps you’ll want to consult history on how white people weren’t “out” because black people and other minorities deserve equal rights.  Men didn’t have to leave when women were given the right to vote.

They hide information like that in books.

  • Marriage is out, sodomy is in.

I just spit a little bit of my coffee through my nose I laughed so hard.

So…Because the evolution of our society has moved to a place where we no longer need to vilify and fear homosexuals and lesbians, because reasonable people believe that you should be able to marry your soul-mate, whoever that may be, and claim them on your tax return, America has turned to ‘sodomy.’

I don’t think you understand the words you use sometimes.

Sodomy is defined as “any of various forms of sexual acts regarded as perverted, especially anal intercourse, oral-anal contact, or sexual intercourse with an animal.”

When you manage to pass a bill making missionary position intercourse with the lights off the only form of legal sex let me know…So I can move to Amsterdam.  I hear they have really good weed.  (Oops, you left that one out!)

  • Sanity is out, liberalunatics are in.

Thank Allah for that.

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