The Most Misogynist Article EVER Endorses Trump For His Ability To Buy Attractive Women

Doug Giles, at Clash Daily, isn’t really known for his sensitivity to, well, pretty much any issue. He seems to think that, in order to be “edgy,” he has to be a jerk. In this case, he’s being a misogynist, sexist jerk. His reason for why we should elect Donald Trump next November? We need a First Lady who’s “easy on the eyes.”

Yes, really, he said that. In fact, he wrote a whole post based on, “Share if you want Michelle OUT!” Because the top priority of the First Lady is totally that she is eye candy for the male population of the U.S. Or, in this case, for the white male population of the U.S. She can’t be a real person, and she definitely can’t have…(gasp)…ideas of her own! The horror.

Well, maybe she can have some ideas if she’s pretty enough to justify not knowing her place in society. Giles makes it perfectly clear, though, that the First Lady’s job is to put herself out there as a fantasy object.

The first thing that Giles does is post a side-by-side comparison of Michelle and Melania. This is comparison, but it’s a professional photo of Melania next to a more candid shot of Michelle chowing down on some food. What is that supposed to show, that Michelle is a pig and Melania isn’t? That’s almost the height of sexism right there. Women, in order to maintain figures attractive enough for Giles’ sensibilities, aren’t supposed to eat, apparently.

Giles starts off his slideshow by saying that it’s time for a “classy” first lady, which makes it clear that easy objectification is what Giles is after. True class, however, comes from attitude, intelligence, carriage, and more. The truth is that Melania baring her cleavage in that first photo actually caters to our sexist, misogynistic culture, because it reduces her to a sex object. She’s no longer a person, she’s something for men to drool over.

The entire slideshow is Melania at her absolute best, and Michelle at less than her best. He intentionally tries to steer his readers toward seeing Michelle Obama as an ugly pig. Men don’t want to jerk off to an ugly pig, so clearly, Melania is the better choice. (This totally ignores the fact that Michelle will be out come January 2017, no matter who wins the 2016 election)

If Giles were any sort of a real human being, he’d want a president who could do the job without bullying, without whining, and who understands what the purpose of the president actually is. Then again, it would be nice if he understood that the First Lady is an actual person, with an actual mind, and an actual job to do. However, misogynists like Giles will continue to reduce women to objects, because sex objects is all he thinks women should be. This guy wouldn’t know “classy” if it bit off half his face.


Featured image by Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photographer. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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