The Most Eye-Bleeding Insane GOP Responses To Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal (IMAGES)

It took over a decade of tough talks to execute, but it seems we’re finally getting rid of American Idol. Sorry, I mean that Iran finally agreed to a deal with the United States–and five other nations–with respect to restricting their ability to advance any weapons related nuclear programs. This has been a hitherto insurmountable issue that consumed President Obama ‘s foreign policy team, so naturally all enthusiasm had to be completely shot down by the Baracknophobic vulgarians on the right.

Indeed, a fusillade of predictable Republican rabble emanated from every corridor of Obama Derangement Syndrome centers (IE, Fox News). For example, appearing on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, former NYC mayor and miserably failed 2008 GOP candidate Rudy Giuliani had quite a bit of vitriol to heave.  

You never make a good deal when you want it too badly. He wanted this deal too badly, and Iran got everything it wanted. . . We’ve got nothing but Iran’s word, which is worth nothing. . . We’ve made a deal with a murderer, with a homicidal maniac, the Ayatollah of Iran.

Source: (Fox News Insider)

He added that this agreement is “completely, astronomically irresponsible.”

One, they are such drama queens. Two, bringing about a rapprochement with Iran over its nuclear ambitions is something that the Bush Admin. was totally incapable of doing. And, as Forbes points out:

At the end of the day, the courageous pact has a better chance of improving US strategic interests in the Middle East. It may even provide an environmental benefit. The fact is, America and Iran share common interests that have long been thwarted by the lack of ties.

But taking the entire cave of bat s*it was Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn, which is odd since that’s usually Senator Cruz’s job. But I guess he’s a little distracted pretending to be president.

Cornyn loves America so much and fears conflict with Iran that back in 2013, Cornyn revealed the “true” nature behind President Obama’s efforts at bringing about a solution to the Iran’s nuclear issue.

John Cornyn  Texas Senator  Says Iran Deal Is Obamacare Distraction

Obama is truly a magician. Who knew that his vehement efforts to constrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions was purely a cynical ploy to distract Americans from enjoying greater access to healthcare than ever before. Then again, maybe it was the Ayatollah of Iran who came up with the mandate.

Here’s the thing when it comes to compromises, a good compromise is only when both parties are unhappy. Iran made some concessions and got some carrots in return, and America got some minuses along with some major pluses. But if there’s one thing that all people with more than two functioning brain cells can agree on, it’s that Obamacare had nothing to do with it.


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