The Liberal Redneck Tells Conservatives How It Is In Language They Can Understand (VIDEO)

Meet Trae Crowder, the “Liberal Redneck.” Imagine, if you will, a man who looks every bit the stock NASCAR fan you’d expect to see lining the streets with Gadsden flags for an upcoming Ted Cruz rally, but with the intelligence and sensibility of the standard liberal. Trae wants the imbeciles of the right to hear his message; a message he delivers in the dialect of the redneck with a slant that is simply hilarious.

When you spend enough time in the liberal world you find out that there are liberals everywhere, no matter how sparse. Still, to hear the case for the transgender community’s right to use the restroom when they need to from a shirtless dude with a froggy southern drawl and the perfectly rounded hat brim comes off as a little bit odd at first right before it turns into beautiful with a chorus of perfection at the end.

The Liberal Redneck really nailed this one:

Featured image via screen capture


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