The Left Needs To Hear Seth MacFarlane’s Message But Be Warned: It Might Piss You Off (AUDIO)

It’s no secret that Seth MacFarlane is a Bernie Sanders supporter. He introduced and endorsed the Democratic candidate at a Los Angeles rally last year. It’s also no secret that MacFarlane can push buttons with his irreverent humor, which we’ve been exposed to for almost two decades. And he doesn’t really care whose buttons he pushes; we are all fair game. The reason we not only put up with but love his shows is that he can expose hypocrisy and shed light with his animated platforms. He can also piss people off.

Appearing on the Jason Rantz Show in Seattle — MacFarlane was singing with the Seattle Symphony Friday night — the creator of Family Guy had some things to say to fellow Bernie supporters and the left, in general. He is not happy with some of the behavior of fellow Berners, first off:

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I actually am one of the people who has been a little disappointed at the way that, not necessarily the campaign, the supporters of the campaign have treated Hillary. I think she’s been treated a little harshly by the left.

Rantz asked his guest how he balances his notoriously “politically incorrect” humor with fellow Berners. MacFarlane noted that he and his pal Bill Maher often discuss that very thing, and how the GOP ended up with Donald Trump at the head of their candidate pack. The GOP, MacFarlane says, has “lost some control” by letting “a lot of bigotry run wild,” which set the stage for Trump. The left, he continues:

… has gotten a little unreasonable when it comes to separating the trivial from the profound.

He went on to explain what he meant by way of Kim Davis and her games with marriage licenses in Kentucky and recent bills passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. These, he says, are things to be rightly outraged over, not insensitive Tweets like the one sent by Justine Sacco.

She was destroyed based on something that she just tossed off. What the conservatives would argue, and I would agree with them in this instance, is that you may not like it, but it’s freedom of speech. You don’t destroy somebody for that. She was not infringing upon anyone’s rights. At the end of the day, the only person who got trampled on was her.

The problem is that the left is getting outraged so often over pretty much anything that we have lost sight of what we should really be upset about. We have swung so far over on the sensitivity meter that we can’t control it. MacFarlane understands this and is trying to help us get that meter re-calibrated:

There are things that are truly infringements of rights and things that truly count as profound injustices and there are things that just kind of piss you off but you’ve got to get over it. And they’re not the same. And the problem is if we don’t pick our battles, then we look unreasonable. And I think that’s part of where Trump has come from because we have not been able to separate things that are injustices from things that we’re just offended by.

Of course, there will be some on the left who will be outraged over MacFarlane’s remarks, which will only prove his point. Which is worse: the comments/opinions of an entertainer or the deaths of young black men or the rollback of LGBT rights?

Perspective. It’s something we need to get a handle on before November or we’re going to be seeing President Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office. And that is something profound to be outraged about.

You can listen to the whole show courtesy of KIRO Radio in Seattle.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr 

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