The Koch Brothers Can’t Buy What Bernie Sanders Has, And They Should Be Worried (OP-ED)

There is an ideological war happening within the 2016 election and has exposed a giant schism between the two competing ideologies — politics as usual, or is it time for a revolution?

The latter is the campaign promise of Bernie Sanders, the Democrats’ second most popular candidate and the former belongs to the drivers of the Republican Party, Charles and David Koch. They’ve pledged to donate nearly $1 billion to the candidate who best fits their Libertarian-Conservative agenda.

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Donald Trump has said he won’t be taking any Koch money if he fares well this election, but he’s a billionaire with his own special interests at heart, too, although he’s promising a revolution of his own and he’s fairing well because of it.

Sanders beats Republicans in match-ups and continues to close gaps on Hillary’s campaign, but it’s the Kochs who should worry the most.

A new poll conducted by the Des Moines Register shows voters are responding well to Bernie’s charge for breaking up the billionaire classes hold on the American people. Hillary is fighting to widen her 7-point lead over her opponent in Iowa, but Sanders just isn’t stopping. He’s already overtaken her in New Hampshire.

Even if Sanders doesn’t take the primary election, his message is being heard. The people are eating it up.

Sanders’ Campaign Manager Michael Briggs pointed this fact out in a statement:

What this new poll shows is that the more Iowans get to know Bernie the better they like him and what he stands for. We’ve seen the same thing in New Hampshire and across the country.

At a time when the middle class continues to disappear and almost all new wealth and income is going to the top 1 percent, the American people want leadership that is prepared to fight for working families and take on the greed of a billionaire class that has enormous control over our economy, our political life and the media.

In other words, Sanders’ popularity doesn’t consist of his being “Not Hillary,” but because Americans are hearing and loving his ideals.

And that’s just something no billionaire can buy. Can a billionaire buy Ben Carson a better plan than the Flat Tax rate? Can a billionaire buy Jeb a different past and family name? Can a billionaire buy a right-wing candidate who has better ideas than free college, universal health care, overcoming institutional racism, and criminal justice system reform? No.

Bernie Sanders can’t be bought, but neither can the things that make him great. Money can’t buy integrity, consistency, honesty, genuine ethics, morality and empathy, which are all the things the GOP candidates are greatly lacking. It’s why Sanders wins in Republican front runner match-up polls.

So the Koch brothers and all other billionaires who think they can win this election by throwing the most money at it may be making an egregious error.

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