The ‘It’s All Obama’s Fault’ Video That Will Have You Laughing So Hard You Might Explode (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever had a conversation with the typical right-wing nutjob, you know how it goes. It usually starts out when your friend from childhood posts something so stupid on social media that you can’t help but respond. It could be a meme from Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children or a picture of the President on a bicycle with an anti-gay slur attached from Barack Obama’s Dead Fly. It may be one of those 20-word posts from The Comical Conservative calling the President a Muslim and blaming HIM for racism in America.

Whatever the reason, you can’t help but engage, if only to drop an opinion on just how ridiculous your friend — and the meathead who always agrees with him that you could never stand anyway — really sounds. What happens next is inevitable. You’re treated to stupidity and ignorance, the likes of which should be illegal.

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This video is the perfect representation of that, and it is hilarious. It may be simple, it may be crude, but it’s everything wrong about the right, and that’s always worth a good laugh.

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Featured image via screen capture

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