The Internet Mocks The Donald With Epic #LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes Hashtag

It’s recently come to light that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could very well have been avoiding paying taxes since the 90s. Legal or not, Twitter is having a field day reminiscing on what life was like the last time Trump paid federal income taxes.

As suggested in a report recently released by The New York Times, the GOP presidential candidate may have avoided paying any federal income taxes for eighteen years. That’s right folks. It appears Trump hasn’t paid taxes since  Elizabeth Berkley’s failed attempt at a movie career in Show Girls. Better yet, since Destiny’s Child was a four girl group.

Thanks to #LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes, we’ve gotten a chance to revisit Ross and Rachel, Zach Morris and his ridiculously huge cellphone and Billy Ray Cyrus’ magnificent mullet. While this is a serious issue, you just can’t help but get a kick out of these tweets.

Here are a few posts that will help you put into perspective how long it has been since Trump paid a dime:

Yes, the Twitter attacks are hilarious, but let’s not forget that his refusal to pay taxes isn’t. Our taxes are important to keep important programs funded, such as education, veteran benefits and healthcare. For someone who says he loves America and keeps mentioning vets as a ploy, he sure had no problem withholding money that we so desperately need in order to keep these programs flourishing. Legal or not legal, someone that wealthy who looks for any loophole to not pay his fair share is a total douche. Not to mention a drain on our economy.

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