The Internet Is Mocking Trump To Death After His Awkward Flag Hug (TWEETS)

Donald Trump doesn’t want people to see him for the absolute fraud that he is, but every time he tries to prove to the American people that he is genuine, he screws it up royally. Case in point – his attempt to show how much he loves America by hugging an American flag. Yes, you read that right. Trump, during a rally he was holding in Tampa, Florida on Saturday decided it would be a good idea to turn around and hug the American flag behind him. It was a total fail, though. It came off as pathetically awkward, and in no way genuine or patriotic. The internet isn’t letting him live it down, either.

Here are just a few of the harsher reactions from that bastion of truth known as Twitter. First, the photo of the weird flag hug:

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Next, a sampling of the avalanche of tweets pointing out how absolutely ridiculous Trump is:

And the scathing tweets just keep rolling in. Nobody with half a brain is fooled by Trump’s fake shows of so-called patriotism. The only thing Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump. That’s really why he’s running for president – the top job is the ultimate prize to soothe and massage his massive ego, and he’ll do anything to get it, including hugging the American flag as some kind of bizarre show of “proof” of how much he loves America and wants to make it “great” again.

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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