The Internet Has A Theory About Who Leaked Trump’s Tax Returns – And It Will Tear His Family Apart

It took a while but the other shoe finally dropped.

On October 1, the New York Times announced that they had received a package in the mail containing the 1995 copy of Donald Trump’s highly secretive tax returns. And there’s a reason every headline has described it as a “bombshell.” The details of that one simple document would be enough to destroy the career of any other presidential nominee in history. According to the New York Times‘ report, Trump lost a staggering 915 billion dollars in that year. It also suggests that Trump has paid no income tax in the past two decades – all while living a life of opulence in a tower named after himself and styled to imitate the Palace of Versailles.

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Interestingly, Trump’s campaign released a statement slamming the release of the tax return (and blaming the “liberal media”) but didn’t deny that it was legitimate.

Whoever leaked the tax documents clearly didn’t just want to harm Trump’s political career – they wanted to absolutely destroy the one part of Trump’s life that he truly cares about: His reputation as a good businessman.

Needless to say, Donald Trump is bordering on frenzied hysteria, projecting his anger onto Hillary Clinton as is his way.

Whoever leaked the documents had to be very intimate with Trump. It’s not as if any person off the street would be privy to his most protected asset. Another intriguing clue was in the return address. The sender asked for any return mail to be sent to… Trump Tower. The place where Trump lives and works. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean the package was sent from there, it does mean that whoever sent it wanted Trump to feel the sting. Ouch.

So who in his inner circle of family and friends would betray him like that? There are a variety of possible suspects, but the one the internet seems most convinced of is probably the most painful for Trump to hear: His own daughter, Tiffany Trump.

While there is no definitive proof that it was Tiffany, it’s long been noted that Trump’s youngest daughter has a very distant relationship with her father. While Trump has put his older three children front and center in his business and campaign, Tiffany is often relegated to the background. A recent New York Times (hint, hint) profile of Tiffany Trump revealed a startlingly cold relationship between father and daughter. When Trump was asked to talk about his daughter he sent back this boilerplate response, complete with a flippant “DJT” signature at the end.

“Tiffany is a tremendous young woman with a big and beautiful heart. She was always a great student and a very popular person no matter where she went. I am incredibly proud of Tiffany and how well she has done. — DJT.”

Tiffany often recounts how she saved the report cards she sent to her father because he would occasionally scribble words of encouragement on them. Her. Report. Cards.

If Tiffany did leak those documents, she should be praised. Trump had every intention of keeping his business dealings secret until after the election where the damage was already done. Now American voters have a glimpse at his financials and they are disturbing enough to renew the calls that he release the rest.

Whoever leaked them, you are a national hero – even if your dad is furious.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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