The Hypocrisy Of Right-Wingers Gets Torn Apart By The Best Liberal Troll On Facebook (IMAGE)

Having been a Liberal Troll, it warms my heart when I see something this brilliant come across my newsfeed.  The Voice of Reason is by far the best Liberal Troll currently making the rounds on Facebook, and reading his utter domination over the conservative stupidity you typically see posted by your crazy Uncle Rudy will surely make you smile.

This piece of sheer brilliance was posted in response to yet another ridiculous conservative meme that highlights just how hypocrisy works in wingnut circles:

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Pretending to care about people so you can attack the President’s foreign policy and sneak in a dig at immigrants is deplorable, and The Voice of Reason wasn’t about to let them get away with it:

Yes, the homeless go without eating. They also go without a lot of other things like sleeping in safe places and having access to bathrooms where they can actually bathe. You idiots don’t get to b*tch about their plight because you vote for the Republicans and Teahadists who love to talk about how we’re a Christian nation while doing nothing for the homeless and attacking the poor and who would rather try to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the sick, the homeless and the disabled than do a damn thing about cutting off big agribusinesses, big pharmaceutical companies and big oil from the unnecessary subsidies they get handed every year.

You just f*cking don’t. You also don’t get to complain about how the mentally ill go without treatment since you vote for candidates who routinely slash government spending on mental health care and substance abuse treatment programs, who have voted to do away with Obama era mental health programs by repealing the ACA and who voted against a Bush-era plan to force insurers to treat mental illness the same way they treat physical illness. Your party has been screwing the homeless and the mentally ill since you elected a mentally ill man named Reagan in 1980.

Another area where you don’t get to complain is on the subject of the elderly going without the medications they need because you idiots vote for the same party that is trying to eliminate Medicare. Paul Ryan and his ilk have been trying to defund the programs built to make sure old folks don’t go without the medicines they need ever since he started writing budgets and you idiots have supported him even to the point where you wanted him a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

You don’t seem to understand that the best way to support our troops is to not send them to fight and die in places like Iraq where there was no national security threat to us or our allies in the first place. Bad enough chickensh*t chickenhawks like Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz sent brave Americans to their deaths in the fool’s errand of restructuring the Middle East into a paradise of Jeffersonian democracies; they sent them there without adequate armor for themselves or their vehicles. When confronted by the troops about how they were getting screwed by the party that campaigned for their votes literally saying “Help is on the way!” Rumsfeld famously quipped, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time” which is a fancy way of saying, “Because f*ck you, that’s why.”

You vote for the same Republicans who then go after veterans, thousands of whom are homeless, by blocking bills designed to help them like the Wounded Veteran Job Security Act, the Veterans Retraining Act, the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization, and the Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009 and by blocking cost of living adjustments for disabled veterans and their survivors.

Yes, we give billions of dollars in foreign aid every year and we could probably do a better job of spending that money. As it is, foreign aid makes up less than 1% of our budget and it goes to places like Nepal that suffer devastating earthquakes and to places like Afghanistan where it’s better to try building infrastructure than abandoning their broken country like we did when we saw something shiny after the Berlin Wall fell and left the place wide open for the Mujahideen to morph into the Taliban. I’d rather see us spending money on building roads and schools in Pakistan than leaving that kind of infrastructure building to the Wahhabis Saudis who built the madrassas where so many of the Taliban and assorted jihads were taught. And since net migration across our southern border is either negative or at zero while Obama has set new records as the “Deporter in Chief” you’re just wrong on this “excessive immigration” bullsh*t. The immigrants we do get do the jobs Americans won’t do like picking crops or cutting the guts out of chickens on 10 hour shifts for minimum wage and no benefits.

As an atheist I act like more of a Christian than you people do: I not only do what I can as an individual to help alleviate homelessness, to heal the sick and feed the poor – I vote to make sure there are people in elected office who share my priorities when it comes to taking care of the least among us. So just stop shouting, “Lord! Lord!” while voting for the least Christ-like policies on the ballot.

You don’t get to complain about these issues anymore. You just don’t.

It would be insulting for me to try to add anything else.  Visit The Voice of Reason and give him a like.  Your newsfeed will thank you.


Image: Facebook

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