The Governor Of Texas Threatened The President On Twitter Over Gun Control (IMAGE)

President Obama has executive orders set to go into effect with the new year, tightening background checks on gun purchases. Of course, Republicans are going insane with rage over the idea that someone has to make sure they are not a mentally ill felon before buying a machine gun.

You pretty much expect Republicans to give blowback on this issue. You wouldn’t even be shocked if a few said something threatening and end up getting a visit from the secret service. However, most people would never expect to hear this kind of talk from a sitting Republican governor – but that is exactly what just happened.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas sent out the Tweet below:

What the Hell? A U.S. Governor just threatened the President of the United States, with the common implication of “Come and take it (so I can fight you and kill you).”

Greg Abbott is an elected official of the U.S. and his example is one that other people will follow.

Governor Abbott went out of his way to make sure that his NRA masters saw it as well. It makes you wonder if he even cares about gun control, or if he only did it so he could go “Look! Look at me NRA! I pandered to you! Donate money to me!” Probably it was a little bit of both.

On behalf of liberals and regular sane people everywhere, screw you, Abbott. You know damned well nobody is coming to take your precious gun. However, you also know that if Obama wanted to take your gun, he would walk right into your office and remove it from you and there isn’t a damned thing you would be able to do to stop it. It’s absolutely pathetic for an elected official of any capacity, let alone a U.S. governor, to set an example like you did.

Now we wait to see if Governor Abbott wins himself a visit from the secret service. Let’s hope so and soon.

Featured image via Flickr

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