GOP Debate: The Donald Puts His Foot In His Mouth And Gets Booed In Under A Minute (VIDEO)

The farce that was the GOP debate had two objectives: Give nine people a platform to make themselves look like they had a clue, and discredit Donald Trump. With a single “raise your hand” question, Fox News actor and debate moderator Bret Baier had Trump looking like the kid on the playground that nobody wants on their team.

The question was actually a pledge:

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Is there anyone on stage tonight…who is unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party?

The loaded question was obviously aimed at Donald Trump, whose ego has blossomed as his poll numbers have skyrocketed. There is no way – and everyone knows it – that Donald Trump will bow out now. The Donald raises his hand, and the boos begin.

After the boos came a litany of stupid from Trump, sticking his foot further in his mouth with each passing moment of the debate question and answer mass interview for ratings.

For those of us who have enjoyed Trump’s popularity, because he provides endless silliness for blogging, the obvious and inevitable death of his campaign tonight is a sad moment. We can all take comfort that his narcissism will resurrect it sometime next April – that like a phoenix from the ashes it shall rise – and with all of its glory and all of its idiocy intact, it shall effectively hand the presidency to a Democrat.

Not that we need him, but it will still be fun.

Watch Donald Trump get booed in under a minute at the GOP debate.

Featured image via screen capture

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