The GOP Bar Fight Begins: Carson Accuses Cruz Of Dirty Tricks In Iowa Win (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses among Republicans, and that has made Ben Carson very angry. The doctor summoned up his best “disappointed Kindergarten teacher” voice and joined the gang on Fox and Friends to talk about why Cruz supporters’ dirty tricks kept him from a better showing. In doing so, he also proved that he still has a problem with math.

Carson enjoyed some time in the limelight back in the fall, as this election’s “see, there are black Republicans too and we let them run for president” candidate. So it is probably coming as a shock to him that, like Herman Cain before him, Republican voters claim to love him, but they just can’t bring themselves to vote for “the black guy.”

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Carson is angry because he says that Cruz supporters spread the word that Carson was going to drop out of the race. He blames those rumors, such as the one tweeted by Cruz supporter Congressman Steve King, for his dismal showing.

Steve King Tweet

And Texas Tribune reporter Aman Batheja shared the following message that was sent out by the Cruz camp:

Aman Batheja

Carson is absolutely convinced that when his supporters heard those rumors, many of them jumped ship to Cruz. But the doctor, who has already proven to sometimes have problems with both numbers and logic, apparently hasn’t bothered to look at his recent Iowa poll numbers. During the week leading up to the caucuses, polls had Carson anywhere from a low of three percent support to a high of thirteen percent. The average of the major polls from January 24 through January 31, put Carson at 7.8 percent. Carson’s actual number in the caucuses? Nine percent. Cruz outperformed his poll numbers, but it appears that he was helped by people who made the shift from Trump, not from Carson. But hey, we’re talking about numbers here, and we know that many Republicans, including Ben Carson, don’t understand them.

So it doesn’t appear that the rumors about Carson quitting the campaign actually hurt him in any way, except for maybe his feelings. But it’s still fun to listen to another Republican call Ted Cruz the slimeball that he is.

Here’s what Carson had to say on Fox and Friends:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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