The Electoral College May Refuse To Vote For Trump (Just Like The Founding Fathers Intended)

Here’s a fun fact! You do not vote directly for the president of the United States! You vote and depending on who wins the majority in your state, a member of the Electoral College casts one of your state’s several votes for that candidate.

But only if they want to. It’s a messy system but it’s in the Constitution for a reason and Trump is literally that reason.

The Founding Fathers were acutely aware that the average voter might one day get mad or lazy enough to put a monster in charge of the country and that would be the end of the American experiment. So they created the Electoral College to protect us from such an outcome. And while no election has ever been decided by what is known as a “faithless Elector” (an Elector that votes against the popular vote in their state), no election has ever had an existential threat to the American experiment like Donald Trump.

And just as the Founding Fathers intended, Trump is dangerous enough that one Republican Elector announced he will not cast his electoral vote for him if he wins.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reprinted a statement released by Baoky Vu, a Republican Elector from Georgia:

“This is the Republican Party of Lincoln and Reagan and Romney and Ryan, not the Party of Donald Trump. As a 2016 Presidential Elector, I am forever grateful to our state Party and our Chairman for bestowing this once-in-a-lifetime honor on me. I take my role seriously and in the face of the difficult choice before us, I will always put America First over party and labels.

“Thus, I will not be voting for Donald Trump in the general election. My conscience is clear but my soul is being tested. Born in Saigon, my family knows what it is like to lose a country and my family is forever indebted to America and our allies. I have never questioned the soul, character and goodness of the Nation by who we have chosen as our leader throughout history.

“Until now.

Read the rest of the statement here.

Vu has since resigned under pressure from his fellow Republicans who were insulted a Vietnamese immigrant cum naturalized citizen did not want to vote for an openly racist white supremacist that despises immigrants. Imagine that.

But this presents a larger problem for Donald Trump. Unlike previous partisan fights over the White House, Trump is increasingly being viewed as too unstable and dangerous to be president of the country by both sides of the aisle. Already, we see a number of Republicans announcing they will be voting for Hillary Clinton, one of the most despised figures on the right, because Trump is unfit for the office.

Assuming that the Republican Party doesn’t forcibly replace him (an almost impossible task at this point) or convince him to quit (good luck with that), it will be up to the voters and the Electors to keep a mentally unstable monster away from the Oval Office. And since Trump is still polling well with America’s racist white voters, the Electors are faced with a decision: Do they abandon their constitutional duty to protect the country from a clear and present danger or do they buckle to the pressure of a suicidal popular vote?

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