The Donald Has A Press Problem – ABC News Is Latest Target Of Childish Demands For Apologies

Poor Donald Trump. Poor, poor Donald Trump. The press just won’t give him a break. There was Fox News’ Megyn Kelly unfairly grilling him during the August 6 debate, then The Huffington Post relegated him to their entertainment section, and now, an ABC News reporter has published a horribly misleading video of Trump on his immigration remarks. Trump, of course, is not taking kindly to all this shameful treatment.

The ABC News reporter in question, Tom Llamas, had a video on “World News Tonight” of an interview with both Trump, and Jeb Bush, about using the term “anchor baby.” The Hill reports that Trump took to Twitter to whine bitterly about this, saying:

Donald Trump ABC TweetDonald Trump ABC Tweet 2According to CNN, Llamas also mentioned how Trump wants to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants in his report. CNN is speculating that his saying, “gang members and criminals,” might mean that he’s only planning on deporting undocumented immigrants that fit those two categories, to which we say, if that’s really what he meant in that tweet, “Oh, baloney.”

However, the campaign refused to give CNN any further comment on just which parts of that report Trump is having an issue with. This seems to fit in with the slowly growing picture there is of Trump whining about false and misleading reporting whenever the press paints him in a negative light. In short, that silver spoon he’s got up his behind makes him think he’s entitled to whatever he wants. That includes 100 percent favorable press coverage, 100 percent of the time.

Early last month, Trump said that a question Anderson Cooper asked him about a Quinnipiac University poll was unfair. He got into a feud with Megyn Kelly and Fox News over her questions about his rampant sexism, acting like she specifically targeted him for attack.

He was busily bashing Politico earlier for saying his claim that he had 15,000 people attend his rally in Phoenix is bogus:

Donald Trump Politico TweetDonald Trump Politico Tweet 2

He also whined for the Associated Press and The Huffington Post to correct their allegedly fraudulent stories about why he left NBC and “The Apprentice”:

Donald Trump AP HuffPo Tweet For the record, NBC fired Trump because of his racist remarks about Latino immigrants. Trump did not drop them to run for president, but he sure wants to spin it that way now.

He’s also tweeted several times about how great he is, because he’s so honest with people. No, he’s not honest, he bloviates, and he outright lies, and he makes up his facts. The anger is what people think makes him honest, and that’s terrifying. This egotistical, petulant, whiny, spoiled brat of a presidential candidate needs to go sometime very soon. He’s exactly what we don’t need in America.

Featured image by Mike Licht. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

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