The Devastating Donald Trump Poll That He DEFINITELY Doesn’t Want You To See

Donald Trump’s huge rallies and massive amount of media coverage show a man steamrolling his way to the presidency. All the way back when there was still a stage full of imbeciles at the GOP debates, Trump held leads that boggled the minds of political pundits — Republican and Democratic alike. It was, however, widely believed that he was a fringe candidate whose support would waver as the things that came out of his mouth became more idiotic. It was also believed that as candidates dropped out, their supporters would join other campaigns to oppose The Donald.

As they dropped out, however, their supporters either joined with Trump or scattered to other candidates in numbers that couldn’t come close to Trump’s lead. As his lead grew larger, so did the amount of bigotry and lies he spewed at his rallies. They became the centerpiece of American media. Everyone tuned in or showed up to see what would happen next. Donald Trump, in just 6 months, turned the “GOP Clown Car” into a full-fledged circus, complete with over-priced concessions stands and sidewalks full of vendors selling his Chinese imported crap.

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As we sit with our jaws dropped, watching and wondering how the hell someone this ignorant could possibly be in the position to win the nomination of a major political party, it’s time to start focusing on the reality of what’s going on. First, the blame lies with the Republican party; they did this to themselves by pandering to low-hanging fruit. Second, Trump isn’t just leading in supporters, he’s also leading in another important area: people who hate him.

The Washington Post released a poll that tells a story of a man who might have the support of enough idiots to win the Republican nomination, but not nearly enough to do anything other than lose in a landslide in the general election:

So basically, Donald Trump’s supporters are limited to white, male bigots who hate indiscriminately and watch too much reality TV. Not only is he lacking in support from every demographic, they all seem to hate him. And even worse, even white men tend to despise Trump. He can’t even pander right.

The bottom line is, even though all of those pundits may have been wrong about how long Trump would last as a candidate, it looks like they might turn out to be right come the first Tuesday in November.

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