The Daily Show Asks Trump Fans To Say When America Was ‘Great’ – Their Answers Are Chilling (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, now the nominee of the Republican party, has built his campaign on the promise that he will “Make America Great Again.” He has yet to give a real plan on how he hopes to do this – other than vowing to deport brown people. If America needs to be made great again then the real question for Trump supporters is: “Just when was America great?”

The Daily Show decided to ask Trump supporters this very question and their answers were chilling. Responses varied, but all had one thing in common: They all chose times when America was great for white men and pretty shitty for just about everyone else. Slavery? America was still great! Slaughtering Native Americans? Still great! Women not allowed to vote? Still great! Their answers tell you a whole lot about the times Trump and his followers are so anxious to get back to.

And just in case the endorsement of the KKK didn’t tip you off, Trump’s America will only be great for one demographic: Straight, Christian, white men. Just listen to them wax nostalgic for times when only they were afforded rights…

Here is the video, but be warned, it will chill you to the bone.

Featured image via video screen capture

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