The Crazy Is Spreading In Texas: Ted Cruz Gets The Nod From State Heavyweights

Despite being third in various GOP presidential polls, Ted Cruz is getting some solid backing for his campaign, including from Texas’ insane lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick. According to a story on WFAA 8, Patrick was once Cruz’ opponent, but will now be serving as his Texas campaign chair. Darwin Deason, a technology entrepreneur, may also start giving money to super PACs supporting Cruz.

Texas has a fairly large Democratic population, which makes them close to being a swing state in practice. However, their government and overt support for extreme right-wing ideologies make the state appear quite crazy. Texas is one of the states made fun of most in political circles, and Norway even uses the word “Texas” for “crazy.” That is how crazy Texas has looked to much of the rest of the world for the last 50 years, and it’s only getting worse.

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WFAA reports that Cruz “dominates the generous donor class” of Texas. He actually raised more than three times what Jeb Bush did in Texas during the first nine months of the year. So it’s really not surprising that Cruz could secure backing from the state’s lieutenant governor, and a billionaire entrepreneur. Unfortunately, Cruz embodies the crazy that’s taken over the state.

He’s campaigning in Iowa on the idea that it will only take one more liberal judge for the big, bad gummint to come take everyone’s guns. It will only take one more liberal judge for every Christian to lose their religious freedom. Cruz campaigns on fear, and Texas increasingly gives in to that fear.

Dan Patrick actually earned Texas Monthly‘s distinction of “Worst Legislator” in 2013. They considered him both a bully and an ideologue while he was the chair of Texas’ Senate Education Committee. Bullies and ideologues are severe hindrances to the legislative process, as we’ve seen in Congress with, dun dun DUN, Ted Cruz and company.

So it’s really not surprising that he would become Cruz’ Texas campaign chairman. He probably feels an affinity for the obstruction that Cruz engages in way up in Congress, and wonders what Cruz could do with that obstructionist attitude in the White House.

As far as Deason, he and his son gave millions to former Governor Rick Perry before he ended his presidential campaign last month. The super PACs to which Deason donated on behalf of Perry returned a lot of that money after his withdrawal. Deason may be looking for another Texan to support, and Cruz is both a Texan, and likely sufficiently conservative for Deason.

People would be well advised to turn away from Cruz, because he lets his crazy rule his decision-making and thus, his lawmaking. Unfortunately, when it comes to Texas at least, this kind of crazy is contagious.


Featured image by Michael Vadon. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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