The Camera People Are Just Straight Up Trolling Republicans At The RNC And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

The Republican National Convention is off to an embarrassing start. Not only has Stephen Colbert already hijacked the stage only to mock the GOP’s soon-to-be nominee, Trump’s campaign failed to find any A-listers willing to attend. Instead, attendees – some of whom spent thousands of dollars just to get to Cleveland – are left looking forward to the speeches of five, count em five, members of the Trump family, has-been actor Scott Baio, and the empty chair where Tim Tebow was supposed to be.

Even the camera people, who are paid to be there, seem to be bored out of their minds. It may explain why they are pretty clearly using their unique position to troll the daylights out of the RNC.

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Charlie Kirk, a “young” Republican was trying to avoid the uncomfortable fact that the GOP has a huge problem attracting minorities, young people and women by naming the few conservative people of color that he could think of. He claimed that Clinton and Sanders prove Democrats are the “old and white” party – seemingly forgetting that the current president is the first African-American ever elected. As speeches go, it was pretty humiliating, but the cameras didn’t make things any easier on him. Just as he reached his crescendo, an empty rallying cry of “Who is the party of youth and diversity? WE are the party of youth and diversity!” the camera person dropped the hammer.

Not a single “youth and diversity” example to be found.

And then there are these extended cuts of awkwardly dancing Trump fans. They only add to the sense that we are witnessing a Republican Party that has completely lost its mind.

Are the camera operators trying to make Republicans look bad or is it just impossible not to at the convention in Cleveland? I’ll let you ponder that.

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