The Bundy Militia Is P*ssed That ‘Hateful’ Americans Sent Them A ‘Bag Of D**ks’ (VIDEO)

Arizona resident Jon Ritzheimer has been in the news a lot in recent weeks. First, he made headlines for his anti-Muslim activities. Now the right’s newest media whore is one of the faces of Ammon Bundy’s standoff with law enforcement in Oregon.

Not long ago, Bundy and his followers put out a call for supporters to send them snacks. Of course the internet responded, and Bundy’s band of merry men got a variety of unwanted presents, including sex toys and a “bag of dicks.” This has gotten poor Jon Ritzheimer all upset.

Ritzheimer posted a video on Facebook where he shows some of the “hateful” things that people have sent, and he just doesn’t get why people would waste their money on such things, instead of “do[ing] good in the world.” A sane person might ask a similar question of Ritzheimer.

These poor deluded souls haven’t yet figured out that nobody gives a damn about them and their “cause.” After sweeping all of the “hateful” items off the table, Ritzheimer puts out a call for “patriots” to come join him.

For the rest of you patriots out there that are still twiddling your thumbs, debating whether or not you should come out — well, now’s the time.

Yes, patriots, come on out to Oregon, and maybe Jon Ritzheimer will share his bag of dicks with you. (It’s ok Jon. We know after the camera stopped you put them in your pocket.)

Here’s Jon Ritzheimer’s rant:


Featured image via Facebook screen capture

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