The Biggest Loser: Power Ranking Shows Rubio Leading GOP After He Nets Billionaire Donor (VIDEO)

The GOP debates have started to weed out the worst of the worst and USA Today’s Power Rankings show that two people who have no business being president are still on top of the field — they just aren’t Carson and Trump.

The new biggest losers? Marco “Water-Sipping” Rubio and Chris “Loudmouth” Christie.

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Despite the fact that no Republican should ever lead the country –they leave us in far too much debt and have no sense of community or social responsibility — we do have to allow them to run. No one has ever thought that Donald Trump, four-time bankruptcy winner and gazillionaire, could win — though early polling showing him at the lead sure seemed to galvanize the Democrats.

So now we are seeing the pack reshuffle and learning that the entire deck is still full of jokers.

Carson and Trump have become their own brand of political cartoon, there is little doubt that while we learn more about Rubio we will discover the same about him. So, why is Rubio on top of the GOP field? He netted a billionaire donor, of course.

Here is the USA Today segment on Marco Rubio:


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