The Bible Verse That Will Drive Conservatives CRAZY On Gay Marriage

What’s the big deal, right-wingers? People who love each other want to be married. They don’t want the service to be in your living room, you’re not invited, and when it’s over, they’ll still be the couple who lives down the block.

So just WTF is the big friggin deal?

The big deal is that people who think their freedom to shoot other people because they walked into their yard is guaranteed by God, while the freedom to love should be delegated to those deemed worthy. That desire to love, if you believe in the bible, was given by God in the form of free will. If you were born gay or lesbian, according to the supposed Word it’s because God made you that way. For thousands of years, people have hidden their fear of the unknown and change behind God. Whether you believe or not, there’s no denying the lack of reason displayed when shielding oneself from criticism because of your faith.

For most who don’t believe, or choose to believe in a much looser interpretation of a Supreme Force, the writings of man are archaic fairy tales meant to teach morality and remind us that we’re all connected by the same spirituality, no matter what you decide to name it. Our holidays, prophets, stories and songs are virtually identical going back thousands of years.

For many who have this basic understanding, the Bible, Torah, Koran and all other religious texts are viewed as a means of control; a way to corral the masses and promote allegiance through fear.

It’s that fear that guides the anti-gay movements. Fear that God will smite us all like we lived in Gomorrah. Fear that gayness will somehow rub off on our children or our pets. Completely unreasonable fears that promote completely unfathomable bigotry.

To the extremists who believe that the word of God, meaning the bible, has to be adhered to word for word, I give you Romans 13:1-2 :

You aren’t allowed to cherry-pick the verses you like and ignore the ones you don’t. Either you accept that what the government has decided is not only federal but divine law, or you risk the same punishment as those who break the religious laws you post all over Facebook.

This particular verse is quite tricky, too. When the Supreme Court held that states must recognize same-sex marriage, by the passage above it immediately became biblical law, rendering all other biblical law before it moot.

Same sex marriage – 1, Leviticus – 0.

This little tidbit came from a fan of the Being Liberal page. Being Liberal had a meme made within minutes that is just ripe for the sharing, that should be all you need to shut down your crazy Uncle Rudy at dinner later today.


Featured Image: Michaelangelo

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