The Best Ben Carson Memes On The Internet All In One Convenient Location (IMAGES)

Ever since it came out that Ben Carson has lied about things that happened at Yale, his history of protecting white students, and even more, things keep getting ever more bizarre. For decades, he held a belief that the pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain, and he recently stood by that belief instead of saying something like, “Well, I was young and stupid and addressing students who were allegedly Seventh-Day Adventists. I have since figured this out,” or something. He’s also a medical doctor who thinks addiction comes from tossing aside proper values, which likely means Christian values.

What’s sad about this is that, at least by his account, all of this has caused his donations to skyrocket, which means that there are people in this country who think the big, bad liberal media is intentionally smearing him. He’s even claimed that, since he’s not a politician, we’re not going to find him acting like a politician. That’s rich coming from someone who not only lies this much, but who also produces evidence that only further compounds those lies.

With that in mind, the Internet has taken matters into its own hands and is busy telling the real, honest truth about Ben Carson in a series of hilarious memes, some of which we have compiled below. If you have any we’re missing, feel free to put them in the comments section.

If Carson thinks the pyramids were built for grain storage, per the Bible, then what does he think of other world wonders?

Ben Carson Great Wall of China



Speaking of the pyramids, archaeologists have said that the ancient Egyptians actually left notes about why the pyramids were built. However, even with that, the idea that aliens built them is a smidge more plausible than the idea that they were giant grain silos. At least aliens might explain the presence of things like sarcophagi inside.

Ben Carson Agrees

But, no matter. They were, on Carson’s planet, built for grain storage so that Egypt could have its years of plenty during a massive famine.


The more Carson talks, the more prevalent this question becomes. It’s not surprising that, given how he feels about things that are within the purview of the medical community, people are slamming his credibility as a doctor.




And why is he so against abortion? The drive up the cost of healthcare the following way.

Ben Carson Baby Ghosts

But really, this is the sad and sorry truth.

Ben Carson Frank Burns

What are some of your favorites?

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