The Adviser Trump Lovingly Calls ‘The King’ Demands Hillary Clinton Be Shot (AUDIO)

The Trump campaign crossed yet another dangerous line on Tuesday as Al Baldasarp, a State Representative, Trump delegate and adviser on veterans issues, openly called for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to be shot and killed:

New Hampshire state representative Al Baldasaro, who is also a Trump delegate from the state and has appeared with Trump at campaign events, made the comments on the Jeff Kuhner Show.

“I’m a veteran that went to Desert Shield, Desert Storm. I’m also a father who sent a son to war, to Iraq, as a Marine Corps helicopter avionics technician. Hillary Clinton to me is the Jane Fonda of the Vietnam,” he said. “She is a disgrace for the lies that she told those mothers about their children that got killed over there in Benghazi. She dropped the ball on over 400 emails requesting back up security. Something’s wrong there.”

“This whole thing disgusts me, Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason,” he added.

And Trump will not be able to claim he hardly knows Baldasaro:

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As of this writing Baldasaro has informed the Boston Globe that is not backing down from the statement and the Trump campaign has not yet commented.

Unfortunately, if past is prologue, we can expect little to no response from Trump or his surrogates on this. In fact, we might actually see a tacit, if not explicit, approval of the violent language. Trump himself has defended actual violence among his followers by calling them “passionate”; it’s not much of a stretch to imagine he would be quite happy with one of his supporters openly calling for the murder of his rival.

Even more unfortunate, it’s unlikely that there will be any real outcry over it. Trump has pulled the accepted norms of civil discourse so far into the fever swamps that violent rhetoric is not unusual, it’s par for the course.

When a candidate and his surrogates can openly advocate violence and murder and still enjoy electoral success, there’s something very wrong with our country and it’s time we face the facts: The American right wing has become an existential threat to the country and must be absolutely crushed in November. Allowing them ANY level of victory will legitimize their obscene tactics and guarantee an ever-increasing extremism that will end in widespread violence.

UPDATE: The Secret Service announced that they are investigating Baldasaro for his threats against Hillary Clinton’s life.

Here’s the disturbing audio:

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Featured image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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