The 5 Dumbest Republican/Conservative Memes Of 2014 (IMAGES)

There were just so many.  Too many to count.

How does one determine what are the 5 dumbest conservative memes they’ve seen all year?  For me, it was a matter of simple logic and reason being thrown under the bus of stupidity and intolerance.

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I find it amazing that the internet, with all of its information so readily available, has spawned an entire movement of some of the dumbest, most idiotic garbage possible.  Alas, when you give stupid such a broad platform and that kind of exposure, stupid will prosper.

Stupid certainly has prospered in 2014.


5.) Poverty is a choice.

Thanks to Rowdy Conservatives for posting this nonsense.  In typical conservative fashion, they’ve managed to minimize the plight of the working poor, the homeless, and the socioeconomic isolation of minority communities to one simple idea.

Poor life choices.

To all the tradesmen and women who saw their livelihoods go in the toilet when Bush crashed the economy by deregulating Wall Street and putting Medicare Part D and 2 wars on the credit card, it’s all your fault.  For all those families who work 2 or 3 or 4 minimum wage jobs to squeak by because your corporate bosses need raises, it’s all your fault.  To all the minorities who can’t find a job outside of a specific line in the pavement, it’s all your fault.

It has nothing to do with wealth inequality, discrimination or the balance of power in America, it has to do with your own greed and ignorance.

Yes, they are serious.


4.) We are not a democracy, we’re a “constitutional republic.”

Extremely Pissed Off Right Wingers has been posting this periodically throughout the year, in many different forms, to scoff at the majority when an issue they like or don’t like is only popular to the meatheads that subscribe to pages like theirs.

This nonsense about the majority not mattering because we’re a constitutional republic”  is wildly popular in conservative circles.  The people who have decided we should adhere to the strict letter of the constitution don’t seem to understand that the document they mention so often calls for democratically elected leaders.

It’s invalid, of course, because of something Jefferson said.

I hate to break this to you, conservatives, but if discarded the constitution as written for things Jefferson said you wouldn’t have a constitution to declare your love for at all.

Smarten up.


3.) Voter fraud is real because ‘Obama lost’ red state elections

Another brain trust moment from Extremely Pissed Off Right Wingers.  They really need to change their name to “Extremely Stupid People Gathered Together To Hate.”

First, I think it’s important to note that Obama didn’t run in any elections in November.  Not only did he not run, most of the Democrats who did run attempted to separate from his policies.

Second, pointing out that red states that contributed to the injustice that is voter suppression only serves to make you look even more idiotic to people who are actually informed.  Anyone who uses the Google can see that “voter fraud” is a complete non-issue, the number of cases doesn’t add up to an epidemic, or the attendance of a little league baseball game, and the ID requirements served one purpose.  Keeping the poor who suffer from Republican policy from having a voice.

For shame.


2.) Ban the burqa on Halloween, we can’t tell if you’re really a terrorist or not!

Dom The Conservative put this masterpiece up before Halloween to try to start a “ban the burqa” campaign.  If you didn’t hear about it it’s because it’s quite possibly the dumbest movement of all time.

Not only is it ridiculous, it’s incredibly racist and insensitive.  What you’ve done here, Dom, is come to the conclusion that people should fear women who wear burqas because their faith calls for it on the pretext that they are all terrorists.

What else can be said for something this ridiculous other than “add it to the list of stupid?”  Nothing.

So I added it to the list of stupid.


1.) Obama had Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner killed to avoid impeachment.

And the winner of absolutely the dumbest thing you will hear all year is Barrack Obama’s Dead Fly.

In a brilliant political move, President Obama convened a committee that included such influential people as George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson to enact the diabolical plot of creating a race war.  This, not the fact that he hasn’t broken any laws, is what he would then use to deflect the country from his impending impeachment.

My goodness it’s brilliant.

In a similar move, the Republican Party is planning to sponsor education grants for seven underprivileged youths to deflect the country’s attention from the fact that they have no idea how to govern.

The research involved in this article took me to some pretty dark places.  I can only hope the 11 showers I’ve taken this morning will help.


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