That Time The Bush Administration Lost 5 Million Emails…And Nobody Batted An Eye

The GOP cycle of scandals is simple.  Find something irrelevant, make a big deal about it, forget that your guy did the same thing a few years ago and move on to the next one.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is just another sorry example of this bruised and battered ideology.  Experts have agreed that there was no legal wrongdoing and that any backlash would be negligible at best.  Hillary’s standing as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination hasn’t been affected.

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That doesn’t matter to the GOP’s ignorant base of indoctrinated sheep.  “Clinton,” “Scandal,” and “Benghazi” are three of their favorite keywords, so at least for them, there will be some mileage driven in this clunker of a story.

Let’s not let them forget that their guy had a similar experience, one that fizzled and died in the span of a few days, without even a mention on Meet the Press the following Sunday.

In April of 2007, The Bush Administration was being scrutinized for firing eight US attorneys for seemingly political purposes.  When congress asked for the emails concerning the issue, guess what?

Yup.  Lost.  5 million emails, run through the private accounts of the RNC were gone forever.  The accounts were supposed to be used for non-policy work to avoid violating ethics laws, but Congress had evidence that official government business, including the firing of the eight attorneys.

Those email accounts were used by 22 White House staffers, including Carl Rove, who used them for a reported 95% of his communication.

That happened on a Wednesday, and by Sunday morning talk show time, it had already run its course and disappeared.

It’s a bit disturbing to think of what else may have been in 5 million emails from the Bush administration that disappeared.  One could almost make the case that in the process of covering up a number of crimes after the Democrats took over Congress, they simply got lucky when this particular issue came about.

H/T: Salon | Image: Telegraph.UK

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