That Time Rand Paul Told A Big Lie About His Son Being Forced Onto Medicaid

So long as Hillary remains the sole democratic candidate, all she has to do is sit back and watch as the crowded 2016 GOP insane clown posse crashes and burns. We already know that Senator Rand Paul loves individual liberty so much that he forgets to let reporters speak. But it seems he also loves telling tall tales in between ideological flip-flops.

A little over a year ago, Paul told George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s This Week a tall tale about his son’s problems with Obamacare. Paul claimed that one of his three sons was enrolled in Medicaid in Kentucky against his will. Apparently Obamacare is so bad that it’s now forcibly raping people. The firebrand senator flashed a blue-and-white insurance card, the identification card for Medicaid, then launched into a long-winded tale about his son’s problems:

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We didn’t try to get him Medicaid…They automatically enrolled him in Medicaid. For a month they wouldn’t talk to us because they said they weren’t sure he existed. He had to go down to the welfare office, prove his existence, then, next thing we know, we get a Medicaid card. (MotherJones)

Nobody just wakes up and suddenly has Medicaid. In fact, you have to be pretty wide awake to get through the litany of online forms. All of which explain why a Kentucky health official, Jill Midkiff, who is the communications director of the state’s health department, said Paul’s claims made no sense.

No one is being automatically enrolled for Medicaid in Kentucky. We’re not automatically enrolling people. People have to actually go and apply. (MotherJones)

Now, the AFA does have a provision that allows states to automatically add residents who already receive other social services, such as food stamps and other health programs, to Medicaid. However, Kentucky decided against that provision of the law. Midciff couldn’t speak about the Paul’s problem on account of confidentiality laws, but Liberty Jr. must have legitimately wanted Medicaid. Her description of the process, however, seems to totally invalidate Paul’s claim:

In general, individuals with income below 138 [percent] of the federal poverty level [about $15,000 for an individual] may qualify for Medicaid coverage. However, individuals at any income level…can still purchase coverage directly from insurers. They can also still purchase through the exchange—they just have to pay full price. They are not required to enroll in a plan through Kynect unless they are enrolling in Medicaid or seeking subsidies. (MotherJones)

Naturally, Paul’s office did not reply for comment. Well, maybe they would if they “forced into it.”

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