That Time Carly Fiorina Said ‘Ted Cruz Cannot Possibly Beat Hillary Clinton’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Ted Cruz sent the American political system into spasms of laughter by picking Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Fiorina ran a doomed presidential campaign for the sole purpose of deflecting charges of Republican sexism (Look! We have one of them womenfolk running, too!). But it was only a few months ago in December of 2015 that Fiorina went on Fox News to say unambiguously that Ted Cruz cannot possibly beat Hillary. This was in response to one of Cruz’s top campaign surrogates going full sexist pig by claiming Fiorina went “full vagina” during one of the debates

Here’s the clip:


Ted Cruz obviously took the wrong lesson from Fiorina’s campaign and thinks having a woman on the ticket will shield him from the consequences of the torrent of sexism that is going to be directed at Hillary Clinton. But let’s be honest, the high point of her entire run was when Donald Trump’s unbelievably sexist attacks got her the sympathy vote for a short time. Beyond that, she’s a failed CEO with nothing going for her other than being rich and a woman. Cruz only picked her for her gender, not her qualifications. At least Sarah Palin could rev up a crowd (before she had a stroke and started speaking in tongues), Fiorina is just a token/shield and not a very interesting one at that.

The smarter move would be to tamp down the sexist attacks in the first place and pick a VP candidate that people will actually WANT to vote for but this is the right-wing we’re talking about; tokenism and sexism is part of their DNA.

Considering Cruz hasn’t cleaned up his campaign in the slightest since last year, and he’s unlikely to be the nominee and even less likely to beat Hillary if he runs against her, one has to wonder what Cruz could have possibly offered Fiorina to get her to subject herself to this. Possibly a chance to humiliate Donald Trump by denying him the nomination? It might sound petty but Trump was a real asshole to her so I wouldn’t rule revenge out. Why else would Fiorina join the ticket of someone who she knows can’t beat Hillary Clinton?

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