That Face is so ‘Unf*ckable’: Chelsea Handler MOCKS Trump’s Kid Like His Dad Treats Women (VIDEO)

During a rather loose but highly focused interview with Bill Maher, talk show host Chelsea Handler happily laid into Trump’s supervillain spawn. Maher, who has been making the rounds on the talk show circuit to plug his live convention coverage, also joined in the fun.  The two took turns humorously analyzing the relationship between Donald Trump and his kids, who Maher maintains are the ones running his campaign behind the scenes, describing their involvement as like a “banana republic.”

What do you think about his children?” Handler asked. “They’re part of everything.

She also questioned whether it’s appropriate that they had a hand in selecting Trump’s VP, Mike Pence. Maher responded by saying it’s “very third world” and likened them to Saddam Hussein’s kids. But I think Handler won the exchange when she laid into Eric Trump, essentially treating him like Trump treats women.

He’s the worst looking person ever with an “unf*ckable” face, said Handler.

Handler previously confronted Donald Trump Jr. (Or Uday) over him using a racy photo of her. She wrote “Trump is a butt hole” across her back and bottom while posing without a shirt.

Watch Handler and Maher lay into Trump’s kids below:
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Featured image via screen capture

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