Thanks To Trump, RNC Organizers Are So BROKE They Are BEGGING For Money To Pay Their Bills

With Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, donors have been jumping ship left and right, leaving RNC organizers millions of dollars short. With time running out, they have turned to literally begging Las Vegas billionaire couple Sheldon and Miriam Adelson to cover the $6 million dollar deficit needed to pay for next week’s grand ball of the GOP.

According to Politico, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee sent a letter to the Adelsons revealing more than two dozen prominent corporations and individuals who want nothing to do with the RNC or the GOP as long as Trump’s bigoted orange-hued mug is the face of the party. Altogether this has amounted to the loss of a collective $8.1 million in pledged donations.

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This letter is the most public acknowledgment yet of how much Trump and his racist rhetoric has cost RNC organizers when it comes to fundraising dollars.

The letter reads:

Over the past couple months, negative publicity around our potential nominee resulted in a considerable number of pledges backing out from their commitments.

The letter goes on to list the companies and wealthy individuals who have pulled out thanks to the bigoted billionaire now leading the Republican party. Included in that list are David Koch ($1 million), FedEx ($500,000), Pepsi ($500,000), Coca-Cola ($1 million), Apple ($250,000), BP ($50,000) and United Health ($500,000).

The convention was brought to Cleveland with a price tag of $64 million, but according to the letter, the RNC has raised only $58 million. In a last ditch effort, the Adelson’s are being asked to make up the $6 million difference.

We would greatly appreciate if you would consider a $6,000,000 contribution to the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee to help us cross the finish line,” the letter pleads.

“Your support will allow our community to meet its obligation to the RNC, and will ensure our Republican nominee has the best possible platform to lay out his conservative case for our nation,” the letter concludes. “Thank you for your consideration and please let us know if you need any additional information.

Politico, who obtained a copy of the letter, reports that “the letter is co-signed by David Gilbert, CEO of the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Christopher Connor, executive chairman of The Sherwin-Williams Co., Alexander Cutler, chairman and CEO of the Eaton, Christopher Kelly, a partner at Jones Day, and Beth Mooney, chairman and CEO of KeyCorp.”

Unlike the majority of Republican mega-donors, Sheldon Adelson is an avid supporter of Trump. Adelson’s net worth is estimated at $25 billion. In 2012 when Mitt Romney was running, he wrote a check to for more than $100 million and could reportedly do the same this year.

Since January, convention organizers, the Republican National Committee and its chief strategist, Sean Spicer, have been denying that donors would bail because of Trump and his hatemongering campaign, costing them money. However, it looks like most of the other things they say, this was bullsh*t. Nobody with any sense at all wants their name associated with Trump in any way, shape, or form.

Individual companies have withdrawn their support throughout the campaign season, but this is definitely the most comprehensive list of donors who have jumped ship to date.

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