ISIS Forced To Cut Terrorists’ Pay While Obama Continues To Pummel Them

Republicans constantly belittle and malign the president’s plan to win the war on terror and his use of drones and airstrikes – it seems they would prefer to sacrifice more American youth in the process. However, the announcement by the DAESH “treasury department” in December that all wages will be cut in half due to “exceptional circumstances” seems to point to yet another Obama administration win. That isn’t what Fox wants you to remember though, but we’ll get to that later.

It has been reported that the Islamic State terrorist group brings in about eighty million dollars a month to cover its considerable expenses, using “taxes,” oil sales and trading illegal drugs. Even this amount is not enough to cover their expenses if them having to cut wages is any indication. So, it had to hurt when the international coalition bombed the central headquarters of Bayt al-Mal in Mosul, destroying millions of dollars stored there. Add that to the RAF airstrikes that have “significantly degraded” ISIL’s refining capacity and ability to transport oil via tanker convoys, and you can also see how their ability to recoup this loss will be next to impossible.

According to the Columb Strack, senior analyst:

There are early indications that the group is struggling to balance its budget, with reports of cuts to fighters’ salaries, price hikes on electricity and other basic services, and the introduction of new agricultural taxes.

Although the Islamic State retains its capacity to produce oil, its loss of easy access to Turkey after its defeat in Tal Abyad, and the efforts by Turkish authorities to stop smuggling activities along its border with Syria, have gradually forced the group to rely increasingly on the internal markets in Syria and Iraq to smuggle and sell oil.

Terrorist fighters already get just £100 ($142.00) a month because of the previous “exceptional circumstances,” according to a document released by Bayt al-Mal, the “Treasury Ministry” of ISIL. Coupling that with the loss of territories in Ramadi and Iraq that they use to make money, along with the US lead strike on January 13th that sent their stolen blood money to meet its 72 virgins, and it truly looks to be a tremendous blow against the evil organization. This is how you beat a bully without allowing the wholesale destruction of human life. Thanks, Obama!

The funny thing is that when Fox News covered the story they used a video, that video was captioned “ISIS gaining recruits, broadening its weaponry.”

Here is a screen shot of the headline from Fox:

ISIS pay cuts

Screen capture from

Scary how hard they are working to try to keep America terrified. But it’s also pretty hilarious that the “fair and balanced” network is completely incapable of praising Obama for anything.

Luckily, our president doesn’t give shit what Fox or Republicans think of him and he’s going to keep kicking the Islamic State’s ass.

(NOTE: This story has been edited due to an error in the original version, the wage cut given to ISIS’s thugs were enacted before the treasury was destroyed, meaning that their financial woes should be exponentially worse than the original article indicated.)

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