Texas Tech Students Give ‘Jaw-Droppingly Shocking’ Answers To Political Questions (VIDEO)

Texas Tech students scored a big fail when a non-partisan campus group surveyed them on political questions. The new student group PoliTech released a video on YouTube called, “Politically-Challenged,” that according to one of the school’s professors is “jaw-droppingly shocking” because of the ignorance that the students display.

The sample group was a diverse one: male and female, Caucasian, Latino, Black. A variety of majors were represented, including psychology, sports management, pre-nursing, and human sciences.

Say, Texas Tech: Who Won The Civil War?

The first question would seem to be a no-brainer for Texas, considering the prevalence of the Confederate flag and how much Texans try to keep the conflict alive. It simply was: Who won the Civil War? One person wanted a hint as to who fought it. Another didn’t even know in which century it occurred.

It doesn’t improve from there as the questions proceeded to real stumpers like, Who is our Vice-President? and Who did we gain our independence from? But throw hardballs at these intellectual giants — like What show is Snookie on? — and they nail it!

The results reflect official education policy.

The results shouldn’t be shocking, given the status of education policy in Texas — but believe me, they are anyway. It seems that Texas is achieving its goal of keeping its population dumb and dumber. They do this by feats such as changing science textbooks to reflect Christian theology and by refusing their duty, spelled out in the state constitution, to adequately fund education.

According to My San Antonio’s Express-News:

The state’s funding is, across the board, simply inadequate to providing meaningful education to Texas children.

The news source cites the judicial decisions that require Texas to follow the law and change funding of education. It also sums up the state’s response as:

Make me.

So take a look at the video and have a hearty laugh. But then, remember that this is the state that gave us Senator Ted Cruz to deal with — apparently for all eternity — and that also thought elevating Rick Perry to President was a fine idea. It sort of takes the punch out of the hilarity, but try to enjoy it anyway.

Here’s the video:

(Featured image courtesy of YouTube)

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