Texas Tea Party Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Spews Muslim Hate On Facebook

Proving that old adage that “everything is bigger in Texas,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller took the stupid to a stratospherically high level when he posted a Facebook photo suggesting that the Muslim world be bombed with nuclear weapons.

The photo, which was posted to Facebook on Sunday night, shows a mushroom cloud rising over a nuclear blast with text saying:

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Japan has been at peace with the U.S. since August 9, 1945. It’s time we made peace with the Muslim world.


For those who are not students of history, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and another bomb on Nagasaki three days later. Approximately 130,000 people were killed in the bombings, which brought an end to World War II in the Eastern Theater.

Miller has made no secret of his animosity for the Muslim world, stating in January of this year that he had difficulty sleeping at night fearing the United States was becoming a ‘Muslim country.’ In addition, during a recent Texas Public Policy Foundation forum, he asked the question (relative to his Muslim takeover perceptions), ‘are we doing enough?’

Todd Smith, Texas Republican campaign spokesman, said that ‘We’re not going to apologize for the posts that show up on our Facebook page.’ Smith went on to state, ‘I don’t know who did it, but I’m not going to start a witch hunt to find out who did.’

Let’s make this clear. The Republican Party in the State of Texas doesn’t care who posts what on their Facebook page, even if such posts are so inflammatory as to incite every right wing, card-carrying, militia-joining, we-hate-Muslims Tea Party extremist in the state?

Like we said — everything IS bigger in Texas. Especially the level of hatred, bigotry and ignorance.

Featured image via Forward Progressives

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