Texas Supreme Court Just Proved They Do Not Support Marriage Equality

Ever since the historic ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states in June 2015, opponents cried that it’s a war against them. But, is it really? It seems like it’s a war against those in a same-sex marriage, even by those in the courthouse. Rather than live and let live, people enjoy making others miserable.

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What should be the defenders and upholders of justice have let same-sex spouses down in Texas when the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution does not clearly require states to extend spousal benefits to same-sex couples. This decision came Friday. The ruling was unanimous, making it clear that they do not believe in justice or marriage equality.

The Texas Supreme Court interpreted the ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges narrowly, questioning whether it compels states to treat same-sex couples equally to opposite-sex couples in any context outside of marriage licensing. I guess we shouldn’t expect anything better from Texas.

Friday’s ruling of Pidgeon v. Turner revolves around spousal benefits for government workers. Texas law prohibits same-sex couples from receiving such benefits. How that is even possible is beyond me.

Slate reports that according to the court, Obergefell “did not address and resolve” the “specific issue” of state spousal benefits. Therefore, the state appeals court erred in ordering the trial court to resolve the case “consistent with Obergefell and De Leon.” Instead, the Texas Supreme Court insisted, the trial court must settle the issue itself—keeping in mind that Obergefell “did not hold that states must provide the same publicly funded benefits to all married persons.”

I am flabbergasted. How can judges, meant to serve justice, deny justice? How can they interpret rulings and laws this way? They’re bending the ruling to their will because on a personal level they probably don’t like same-sex marriage.

My heart goes out to all the same-sex spouses that are not receiving fair and equal spousal benefits.

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