Texas Restaurant Had ‘Obama Care Margarita’ On The Menu

Restaurants were some of the biggest whiners when it came to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Papa John’s famously said that they would pass the costs on to the customers. Some are even itemizing the fee on receipts.

One restaurant in Austin, Texas has added an “Obama Care Margarita” to its menu, with a $1.00 surcharge to help cover Obamacare costs. Here’s the tweet with picture from Twitter celeb for the day, David Neff (@daveiam).

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The responses were not happy.

The Salty Sow responded that it was a joke gone awry and they pulled it off the menu:

That didn’t go over well with patrons either:

Perhaps the joke would have gone over better if it had come from Massachusetts, where most people have insurance, or even Kentucky, where the Affordable Care Act is being embraced. Instead, it’s coming from the state with the worst uninsured rate in the union and it’s doubtful that the restaurant workers and others who lack insurance are laughing.

H/T Burnt Orange Report | Featured image by Public-Domain-Image.com

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