Texas Republicans Just Chickened Out Big Time On Their Refugee Rhetoric

Texas Republicans officially turned yellow on the issue of Syrian refugees, but not for all the scaredy pants reasons they have been demonize them.

Last Friday afternoon, GOP Governor Greg Abbott, and the rest of the occupants of his clown car, decided that they have to drop their illegal embargo on letting Syrian people move into their state. The move by Abbott came only after the U.S. Justice Department filed suit in a federal court in Dallas, saying the state did not have the right to act on national immigration policy, and had no legal authority to bar refugees from living in the state.

Abbot talks a big game like your typical republican bully, but when you get down to it he’s just another racist chump.

I believe the phrase for this, in Texas, is “all hat and no cattle.” Abbott’s hat must be huuuge.

The relief agency that was planning on resettling refugees in the Dallas area, filed a separate suit at the U.S. District Court in Dallas. The basis of the suit was that it is illegal for Texas to discriminate against refugees based on nationality, due to it violating long-standing civil rights law.

“Texas is not discriminating against all refugees, only Syrian refugees,” the International Rescue Committee said in its filing.

This case would have been a dead loser for Republicans, and they knew it. It also would have set the bar for similar court cases in other states to be losers as well. Isn’t it enough that Republicans caused ISIS to become a thing? Do they really need to harass these people more, who they already turned out of their homes with reckless war mongering?

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