Texas Republican’s Campaign Ad Is So Crazy It Should Be Satire (VIDEO)

Texas State Representative Charlie Geren, the Planned Parenthood de-funder in Texas who was also once given a 100 percent rating by the NRA, is running his 7th re-election campaign on a slogan made famous by Greg Abbott: “Come and Take it!” (Meaning, I dare you, President Obama. Come get my guns and see what happens!)

When you’re a liberal Democrat living in Texas like I am, nothing that the Texas GOP does ever really shocks you. You expect the crazy and you expect the extreme stupidity, but this guy… This guy takes the cake!

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His newest campaign ad is so messed up that I really thought it was satire. There are men in stereotypical Texas Western wear (as if we ALL dress that way down here) pushing cannons with a “Come and Take It” flag flying proudly. There’s a close-up of a man carrying a cannonball ever so gently (as if it were a baby) before referring to the “success” of taking away funds from Planned Parenthood. While raising the cannon high, there are mentions of immigration issues (as if to say, “None Shall Pass!”) And, of course, his final words in the ad:

I am Charlie Geren. I will never surrender and I will never retreat!

Seriously? What the f*ck?! Why this ad isn’t being investigated as a direct threat to our President and nation, is beyond me. Geren seems to suggest that Texas is its own little empire that doesn’t have to follow the laws of the United States Constitution. This man is dangerous – possibly more so that Greg Abbott, and that is saying a LOT!

Watch his campaign ad here:


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